The International Sports Training Institute provides Basketball Teams, Lessons, and Camps in San Antonio TX, Houston TX, and Miami FL.

ISTI uses a unique approach to coaching.  We understand that coaching philosophies differ depending on age and skill level.  Summer is where players advance to the next level.
  • Develop Teamwork Skills
  • Learn to Play Within a System
  • Become a Leader
Through ISTI's basketball lessons athletes are taught fundamentals, essential skills and how to apply them in game like situations.  Our lesson programs are curriculum based and family friendly. Schedule online for the lessons you want to attend.  Your 1st lesson is FREE!
  • Small Group Setting
  • Practical Application
  • Custom Training
ISTI camps are upbeat, educational, and a great way for athletes to workout with competition. Fundamentals are strengthened through drills, stations, and competitive individual and group games.
  • Compete directly with athletes
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Show quantifiable skill improvement

Upcoming Camps 2018:

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Spring 2018: San Antonio, TX

Spring 2018: Houston, TX

Spring 2018: Miami, FL


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