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Our Charitable Endeavors

The Ben Simmons Sports Foundation (BSSF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to increasing the connection of sports and life skills to students from around the world. This is done through our very practical application projects, such as our Community Service Initiative and Achieving through Reading to our very successful Global Sports Teams projects.

The BSSF seeks to provide students the opportunities to enhance their lives through the avenues of Sports – Training, Playing, Mentoring and Education.

The BSSF has hosted foreign student athletes and teams from various countries to the USA and sponsored teams and players from the USA to take part in cultural and Sports tournaments aboard as part of our Global Sports Teams. The Sports Foundation maintains active relationships with highly regarded schools that maybe interested in hosting foreign students.

Working closely with The International Sports Training Institute (ISTI) and ISTI-Dakar, the BSSF provides education support for sports course work, English as a second language and financial support to athletes whose families cannot afford for them to receive academic tutoring, participate on sports club teams, receive personal training, or mentoring.

Our Charity Teachings

Your donations are tax deductible. Sports are a great way to teach individual and corporate values. The Sports Foundation is dedicated to fostering this environment to benefit kids, and help them engage in the relationship between sports, life and the common bonds.

Get Involved

The Ben Simmons Sports Foundation solicits tax deductible corporate and individual gifts to provide opportunities for these underprivileged young athletes. There are numerous ways to support The Ben Simmons Sports Foundation:

Contribute to our Scholarship Fund
Sponsor Student/Athletes Training
Sponsor a Player Month or Season
Sponsor a Team Season

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