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Our Vision

ISTI’s vision is to have our clients achieve personal and professional success through our inclusive training, in-depth courses, and family friendly environment. ISTI’s mission is to provide an advanced understanding of sports through training, sports psychology and education. Our mission is implemented through our patented “ISTI’s 4 Principles of Sports Training” and “4 Foundations to Athletic Workout” programs, which Master Sports Trainer Ben Simmons developed over years of experience and fine tuning. The International Sports Training Institute – Basketball Club is part of a Full Service Sports Training Company. We provide Private Lessons, Small Group lessons, Individual Lessons, Executive Lessons (we come to you), Speed & Agility Training and more. We also offer; summer basketball teams and camps; and off-season basketball training for Girls and Boys. ISTI also offers separate Team Lessons and Team Coaching. One of our most significant goals is for clients to receive a new level of sports understanding and life success.

Our Principles

The renowned Success of ISTI’s 4 Principles of Sports Training and 4 Foundations to Athletic Workout has been implemented throughout the USA, UK, Europe and Africa. Our system has a proven track record. The style of training makes all the difference in successful game memory and performance retention. ISTI has trained several NBA players and their children. Its something we consider, our best reference. Some of our ISTI NBA trained Players include: NBA World Champion Sean Elliot- the San Antonio Spurs, Antonio Daniels- Minnesota Timberwolves. We also train the son of Doc Rivers- 2000 NBA Coach of the Year and Head Coach of the World Champion Boston Celtics, the son of NBA World Champion Steve Kerr -NBA all time leading 3pt percentage, Chicago Bulls, the son of Avery Johnson- 2005 NBA Coach of the Year!

Our Team

ISTI has very qualified Sports-Trainers that have mastered our training system and approach to coaching. Our staff is intense, detailed oriented, and demanding. We expect excellence and procure it. Every aspect of your training is handled through ISTI. Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Speed & Agility, Weight Training, Defense, etc.

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