There is nothing more important for a young athlete than a special customized lesson to help them work through the soft spots in their game and bloom the best parts. Through individual and group lessons, young athletes will develop the skills it takes to succeed as a premiere athlete.

  • Individual Attention
  • Custom Training
  • Advanced Skills






Group Lessons

Group lessons are a very important key to improving your game. With a small group you can easily be pushed to excel and rise to challenges. Additionally you will get better by working with others and improve skills like team work, court awareness and presence, and more. We recommend that all athletes participate in group lessons. They are like keeping camp going all year round.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are great because we can hone in on a specific area of your game and focus on that. The idea is that by doing this repeated and shifting our focus from lesson to lesson that we will make you a complete athlete. These types of lessons are tremendous because of the one on one training and individual attention you receive. Your game will improve tremendously with individual lessons.

Executive Training

Our executive training sessions offer the best experience for athletes. We come to you and custom tailor an on court and off court training regimen designed specifically for you. The goal is to expose your weaknesses and make them strengths while making your strengths full talents. We focus on every aspect of your game from the mental to the physical.

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