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The 4 Principles

ISTI has fine tuned the art of Sports Training. We have over 18 years of Sports Specific Training and over that time we have developed and implemented our copyrighted, patented system “4 Principles of Sports Training and “4 Foundations to Athletic Workouts”. The Success of ISTI’s system is more than evident as you look at our client list which includes many of the Top NBA players in the world. More importantly, those stars trust us to train their children. We can’t think of a better compliment to ISTI then for the best in the World, those with all the resources at their fingertips to choose ISTI for those most important to them.

Give us a try, on US!

ISTI is so sure that we will exceed your expectations that we offer everyone a Free Training Session. Simply click on the FREE TRAINING SESSION link to book and schedule your session. For your convenience ISTI offers a completely automated scheduling system. You may do all your scheduling, re-scheduling, account updating online. One of our goals is to be the most family friendly facility possible. All of our training is curriculum based. Its all developed by educators and sports professionals. The programs have been designed to help clients retain the knowledge taught during training, including muscle memory and mental memory.

Around the World

ISTI is international. We currently have camps in the United States and Africa and have conducted camps in the United Kingdom, and Spain. We have taken teams to play against Lithonia, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Grand Canarias, Uncaja, others. Additionally, we have Sponsor several global camps.

Our programs have a worldwide feel because we implement a global training techniques and aspects to the training that focuses on Fundamentals through practical application. Training can be position specific, balanced, team oriented, individually oriented or pre-selected. Our Clients range from 6 years old to 56 years old. We understand how to teach, train, support, and anticipate your needs no matter your level. ISTI Trainers have been certified to our Exclusive Training Systems and you will notice the difference!

The Training

ISTI Sports Training covers all these areas and more:
Basketball Fundamentals
Individual Offense & Defense
Develop Top-Level Ball Handling
Shooting Technique
Knowledge of the Game

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